I am Optimus Prime

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About two weeks ago, me and a few friends went out to play some pinball.

We started out at Söderbiljarden, where we got play games like X-men, Big Buck Hunter, Tron and Scared Stiff. Did not like X-men at all, and the Magneto and Wolverine-figures looks like shampoo bottles.

After a few hours we decided to head out to Söderhallen Biljard, but two of the three games there were turned off, so we thought, why not go to Hjärtats Bar and play some Batman TDK?

But when we got there, we saw the most amazing thing... A Transformers Pro! And for the remaining four hours of our "game-day out on the town", we almost only played Transformers.

Transformers @ Söders Hjärta + Rum & Coke

By the side of Transformers, there stood an AC/DC LE and a Tron-machine, but they did not get many coins from us.


So, I felt the need for a Transformers machine that night. And now, it is here... in all its glory. Behold my very own, brand spanking new, pinball machine:

Transformers Pro

Transformers Pro - From the evil side

Here are two vids showing the first seconds of unboxing and the first ball ever played on the machine (since it left the manufacturer). Big thanks to the guy who got me the machine (you know who you are), P373R, Sand, Rikard and Micke for carrying, and extra thanks to P373R for filming such an important event.