Gameday at my place

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Had a little gaming fun with a few friends today.

P373R and Limpan was the first ones to show.

Limpan had brought Dimahoo witch I hadn't played before, so that was fun to try out.

And P373R had made a Progear conversion for me, look:


I didn't get to play it much today, but since I have a few weeks off from work, it will get some playtime.

Just as we had inspected P373R's handiwork I got a call from Ganheden and Johnny who had come all the way from the dangerous south part of town to lovely Täby. Just to play some games, and enjoy the peaceful north.

I showed Ganheden to a parking space, and then there was no time to loose. Back to them games!

Here we have P373R on Dimahoo, Limpan on Progear and Ganheden on Last Action Hero.


Ganheden and Johnny on Last Action Hero.



After some playtime, there was sausage-time. Just look at this guys T-shirt.


We all had a few sausages.




And at the end of the gameday, Limpan got the grand price for highest score on Dimahoo. On a side note, Limpan strangely had to leave just a few moments after making that score. So one could say that the rest of us didn't have a fair chance to beat the score, and yeah, that might be true.

Nevertheless, here is today's champion of Dimahoo receiving the price (Arcana Heart Full-PCB) from yours truly.


And that was the end of today's nice event.