Inker's Spring Bonanza 2012

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This weekend P373R, K4M1 and I went to the south of Sweden, namely Borås.

We started out around seven in the morning and was in place around noon. We were the first to arrive apart from Inker himself, so he gave us the grand tour. I was amazed by the amount of games that was in the basement. Take a look at this video and you will understand what I am on about.


A little later, the other guests was starting to arrive, one after the other. All in all I think we were around 30 people there. And they all came to compete, socialise with fellow enthusiasts and to just have a really good time.

When it came to competing, it didn't go great for me on the driving games. However, I managed to get to the quarter finals in the pinball department. I guess that was thanks to the score on Scared Stiff (sorry about the bad quality).



In the quarter finals, I got two losses in a row, and the competition was over for me. But that did not matter at all, there was still all these fantastic games to play. Just look at one of the almost endless rows of games.

IMG 1572


I think I played most of the modern games over the course of the evening. But three games got me really going. Attack from Mars was a lot of fun, Scared Stiff was an instant love and then there was the absolute favourite, Star Trek - The Next Generation. I plan on owning all of these three games one day, but the first one I have to save up to get me, will have to be Star Trek - TNG. The game is really nice looking, quite hard, but especially great fun to play. It's a must have!

Here I am playing (and possibly drooling over) Star Trek - TNG.



And after playing for many hours, talking to a bunch of really friendly people and watching the really good players battle in the big final, the time had come for me, K4M1 and P373R to call it a night.

Thanks to P373R, we had gotten a nice price on hotell rooms, so we stayed over night in Borås.

The following morning there was the "start of any good day"-bacon and eggs, and then we were off towards the suburbs of Stockholm again.


But before the trip ended, we made one last stop. Palmyra Kebab!



Do I have to tell you that my weekend was really great? I don't think so.