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Japan 2014!

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I know, I've been bad at updating gamerworld during the summer. But Ive been kind of busy... just doing ordinary summer stuff.

However, I've also been to Tokyo, Japan. OH YEAH!

It was my second time in the land of the rising sun. And what a blast it was. We were a big bunch of like minded folks that went over there, 9 in total.

I'll just throw in a few pictures here. Mouseover for info. Enjoy!

20140912 131029

20140913 075947

20140915 190711

20140915 201658 Small

20140914 18570 small2

crew backs

20140916 101835 Small

20140916 111115 small

20140918 160321 small

20140917 182656 small

20140918 193441 small

20140918 205633 small

Group photo

If you are more into video, you can watch gaminggrannar, as some of us ran into Dave at Super Potato (16:25 into the video).

Limpan filmed a little of Hey, and Sand filmed me playing Initial D 8.

I also filmed Sand playing Groove Coaster.

To conclude, we did play a lot of games, ate fantastic food, got drunk and had a really good time.

I already want to go back.