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Bum Ba Bum Bum Buuuum...

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Did make another trade the other day. Pirates went away, and in came Tron Legacy.

Rokku had driven all the way from Karlskrona to Stockholm, only to trade games with me. What a nice guy.
I also had help from a few of my friends. They are the best!

When all the heavy lifting was done, we sat down to have a few hot dogs, as usual.

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Well, Pejgan had a hard time leaving the game. I guess that means it was fun.

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Thanks a lot to all that came!

And here we have it, now that I had the chance to change out the hideous 3D-translite.

Tron Pinball

I have managed to get to Sea Of Simulation, but not to Portal Multiball, yet.

 UPDATE 2014-10-13 - TRON has been sold in favour for some new stuff. Stay tuned.