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Summer Is Coming

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 So let's head down into the pinball dungeons of Stockholm to play some pinball.

Manne, and I first went to get a feel of the new Stern Mustang pinball machine. They have one at Söderbiljarden.

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We played a couple of credits on it, and it wasn't bad, but it wasn't really that fun to play either. It's not a bad game, but not a very interesting game. And the rules on the machine we played was strange. If you spell M U S T A N G, you can start a multi ball. However, the progress is passed over between players and even between credits.  So if the first player spelled out M U S T A N, the next player only have to get the letter G. Not very good for competition play. Maybe it's just a setting, but a most annoying one.

So we mostly put our money into the Stern Star Trek machine next to the Mustang.

A little later on, we went to City Biljard and played a few rounds on Transformers. What a great game. I really miss having one of these machines at home. We also played the other machines, but mostly Transformers.

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A great evening all in all. And it was a nice way to cool down from all the sun and heat outside.