One ring...

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To rule them all!

A week ago, me and Sand has made another road trip. We started the day by loading AC/DC up in my car and headed north.

Back on the road again

Did a wave to VoDKa, when we passed this place.


Got our bodies loaded with vitamins at our usual stop.

Vitamins and Barbie dolls

And here is that weird horse again.

Orange horse

Got to Avesta in good time, hauled one game out of the car, and one game into the car.

And as usual when we are in these neighborhoods, we were planning on eating at Tre Gringos.
But it was closed!


Distraught and hungry, we looked for food elsewhere.

Dared not try this place:


So we went to Masgrillen instead.


Good food.


Thumb of approval

I wasn't really planning on letting AC/DC go just yet. But when opportunity comes knocking... You have to go to Avesta.

So here it is, The Lord Of The Rings:


LOTR Front

And that, my friends, is one fine machine.

Big thanks to Sand, Rikard and K4M1 for the help.