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Mono's Place

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In the very end of 2013, a few gaming happy fellows ventured to the dark forests of (M)Uppsala.

Monouchi had invited us to come and check out his newly built house and especially the gaming section of the house. He has a really cool setup on the second floor.

Right away Blomman and Monouchi tried out some video converter board that Blomman had brought with him. The rest of us started to play the games.

The game is on!

The view from the bottom floor.

Some stairs

When we got hungry, the host had prepared the mandatory hot dogs.

Mandatory hot dogs

Limpan had also brought something nice. Neo XYX, a really cool shooter for Neo Geo MVS. And there was a high score competition in a game that I have forgot what it was called.

Still Gaming

Sand won the competition. Well... it was really Monouchi who won, but being the great host he is, he let second runner up get the price.


As the day became night, we left mono's place with big smiles. It was a really nice game day.

However, we were hungry again... So we had to make a stop at Ken's. The place didn't look like much. And, quite honestly, it wasn't.


But this guy was happy still.


Big thanks to Mono for inviting us!