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I'm Batman, Schhh.

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It was a fine day in November when me and my buddy K4M1 set of to S├Ąter in Dalarna.

Oh, sunny day

Got to Yrool's (that's the guy who had the game in his possession) place at a few minutes past ten as planned.

We got a cup of coffee, chatted a bit, and played a little on Yrool's machines. A nice LOTR (just some damaged side art), a really fine TOM and also on BTDK. His GnR machine was being repaired so we could not play on that one.

Time really do fly when you have a good time, but eventually we decided that it was time to get what we were there for and head back home.

However, it was not going to be that easy. The pinball machine had to be lifted through the window of Yrool's game room.


As the feat got done, we got it loaded up in my car and headed home.

Nice fit, ey?

And here we have it.


Big thanks to Yrool, Limpan and K4M1!