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Game On - Game Night

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The worlds biggest video game exhibit came to town.

And of course I had to be there on their opening game night.

I met up with Limpan when I got off from work, and grabbed a quick and healthy dinner.


We took a brisk walk to Tekniska Museet where the exhibit is currently located.


When we got inside, the staff informed us that visitors would have to take turn in the showroom. Since we got there early, we got flashy orange stickers that meant that we would be able to enter the showroom with the first group. But we still had some time to clench our thirst with alcoholic beverages before we got in line. Good times.

Inside the showroom there was a lot of gaming consoles, some old pinball machines and a bunch of arcade games. Not as many games as I had expected and quite little about the history of gaming.

Nevertheless, it was a lot to do on a tight time table (each group of visitors got about 40 minutes in the showroom).

Here I am trying out Triggerheart Exelica


Found a nice drawing of what I think was conceptual art for Mario in Donkey Kong.


Limpan playing Mappy.


Me about to play Centipede.


Limpan trying to break the world record on Missile Command.


A nice row of arcade games.


Aside from the main exhibit, there was also a stage where some people (I have no idea who) was talking about games. The sound was so bad so, I did not pay much attention to that.

The stage

But later on, there was a band playing video game music on that very same stage. And that was awesome. Check it out in the videos below.

I also saw a few familiar faces that I haven't seen in a long time, which was nice.

To conclude, a terrific way to spend the evening.