Game Days In The City

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The Friday before last, and again yesterday, we had a lite friendly competition going on.

Yep, me and some friends went into the pinball dungeons of Stockholm city.

We started at City Biljard, since it seems to be one of the few places that are open before 17.00 during the summer.


Blomman had to fix Transformers.


We stopped for some Greek food... and there were some sort of sign on our receipt.


Later on we went to Söderbiljarden, and here we have Manne playing Spider man.


And P373R on Theater Of Magic.


A little later Ikaruga007 and his girlfriend showed up.


We ended the night at Söderhallen Biljard, but I didn't take any pictures there. But we got to play a lot of Lord Of The Rings and Medieval Madness. Lovely.


And then there were last night, with all its marvelous gaming, again.

Started out at City Biljard, for the aforementioned reasons, but now with the company of Pejgan and Sand.


Some games later Limpan showed up.


As there are a few more games at Söderbiljarden, we usually spend quite a lot of time there. And Manne was waiting for us when we arrived.


I also managed to get the crew down into Vampire Lounge for some tasty icy drinks.


Manne and myself with something called Vlad the Impaler.


And that was the last photo of the evening... but the night was young and the spirits were flowing. So we headed to some laser-game-joint and got to play CSI, BTDK and The Sopranos. I had a litle fun with CSI, but the others seemed to enjoy The Sopranos more.

And to finish the night of with style, RoQ offered burgers and a little more pinball.

In conclusion, two good game-days that turned into nights.