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Inker's GTI Bonanza 2013

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It was that time of the year.

When the birds are chirping and the sun is bright. Yeah, time to head down to a basement in Borås.

TäbyLigan, Sand, Pejgan, Blomman, Ash and Lina all got into a Wolksvagen and got on the road. It was early as hell on a saturday morning when we started from Täby. About 6.30 I think.

Here we have Brahehus.

1 On the road

A few of the pinball freaks ready to go down into the basement.

2 ready to go down

I played all right, got two new personal bests.

On Avatar (really underrated game).

Werys 1

3 Avatar

And on Batman - The Dark Knight.

Werys 2


It was a really warm day so I cooled off with a Sang Som and Coke.

5 Sang Som

Got to the finals. But no furhter. As usual.

6 Finals

Sand won the finals without even playing his third ball on the last machine (The Shadow).

7 Sand

It was another weekend in the sign of pinball. And a great one at that.