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Oh boy, have I spent the weekend in a car or what?

 Yes, yes I have.

The Saturday was spent driving down to Mjölby. About 250 kilometers south of my home there was a game I had to have. I had been mailing with a guy about a possible trade, and we came to an agreement late on Friday evening.

So in a big haste I started rounding up people who could come and help me carry out Indiana Jones on Saturday morning. After a few failed attempts I managed to get everything in order.

Come Saturday morning, VNV and K4M1 came to my rescue. So we carried Indiana out to the car and got it loaded without problems.

K4M1 had agreed to accompany me to Mjölby. So off we went.

We stopped for some refreshments in Sillekrog.

To drink

Back on the road again.


K4M1's tablet got a little over heated siting in the sun, so he cooled it down best he could as we drove on.


But we really didn't need the tablet. It was just for GPS and it is quite basic to follow the road. Eventually we arrived in Mjölby. Where two very friendly dudes welcomed us.

We unloaded Indiana and put it up on its legs. The new owners played a few rounds and was happy with what they saw.

Another game got loaded into my car. And K4M1 and I was ready to head home.

But the hunger struck us. We had to eat. Urgently!

We decided to stop at the local kebab joint. Not a bad decision at all.


And then we set course for home, again... only to realize that we had to stop for fuel.


At this point, I also realized I hadn't taken any pictures of the game I was bringing home.

So here it is, the very first picture of my "new" machine.


After that stop for fuel, we drove without any mishaps, or haps at all for that mater, all the way back home.

Sand timed our arrival pretty well so we got the game up in my apartment easily.

And here we have a proud owner (me) and the new family member.



But don't think I was done for the weekend.

Sand had decided to trade his Pirates Of The Caribbean for a Tales Of The Arabian Nights. Madness, I know.

But regardless of how I felt about it I got up bright and early on Sunday morning (resting day, my ass!) to be picked up by Sand. And this time we headed back to Säter (yet again, about 250 kilometers, one way) where we had spent the better part of the weekend before this one.

At Tenn's place we unloaded POTC.


Unfortunately we didn't have much time to spare, so we loaded TOTAN back into Sand's car and headed back to his place.

We stopped at Tre Gringos in Avesta for food. As we like to do when we have the chance.

Tre Gringos

Everything went smooth, but sadly, I don't have any pictures of TOTAN in the car, or up and running. We were pressed for time, and that might have been a factor. And maybe the fact that I hurt my back lifting TOTAN out of Sand's car made me not wanting to take pictures of it. It is an evil game!

Anyway, the reason we were on a tight schedule was that TäbyLigan (and Sand) was going to watch 100 Yen back at my place that evening.

And as the afternoon turned into evening, we all sat down in my sofa, enjoying something that we (at least Limpan and me) had helped to create.


Phew, what a hectic weekend. And my back is still sore... Oh, well... it is all worth it in the end.

Big thanks to all that helped me out with a not so well planned pinball trade.