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Pinball in Dalarna

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Damn this is a big place!

That was my first thought when Sand and I arrived to Tenn's place in Dalarna. It was a huge building, with lots of pinball machines, arcade machines, a bar and even a caravan indoors.

Let me back up a bit. Some time ago, LoD invited people at AT and SFS to come and enjoy a pinball party in Dalarna. There were going to be games for sale and a friendly competition.

It sounded like fun to me, so I asked a few friends if they wanted to join me on my trip to Dalarna. Sand was the person to answer my call. On the day of the event he picked me up around noon and off we went.

Trustworthy GPS

The weather was really nice, it was feeling a lot like spring.


We stopped for supplies.


Saw this really big and orange horse.


When we got there there was this friendly woman behind a counter, welcoming us and really making us feel like at home.

After a few moments I got to meet LoD who told me we should park our car indoors. Inside the building. That's when I realized how big the place really was. It was huge! Two floors of big rooms with lots of games. It was amazing. Played a lot of games I had never seen before. And all the people I got to talk to were really friendly as well.

Here we have Sand playing The Avengers - Hulk Edition in the main room.


And here I am playing Dirty Harry in another room.

DBM Dirty Harry

Then we had to pause for pizza. Really really tasty pizza.


And straight back to the games.

I did all right in the competition, but Sand did really great.


I did get to the playoffs (best eight out of 37 players did) but got beaten in the very next match. Got to play Monster Bash which I really suck at since I only played it once before. But I did not mind much, I still had a bunch of other great games to play.

Eventually a guy named Daniel won the final. He played really well all night.

That night Sand and I got to sleep in a caravan parked inside the house. The house was that big.

This was our indoor camping site. Sadly I did not take any pictures when the caravan was in place.

Indoor Camping

In the morning we got to play a little more games after breakfast.

I got a decent score on Scared Stiff that morning. A new personal best.


This was a great weekend! A huge thanks to all the people involved in arranging this happening. And also to Sand for driving all the way there and back again.