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Gameday In The City

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A little over a week ago, Täbyligan went into the pinball dungeons of Stockholm City.

First we met up with Sand and JohanMärsta for pizza, and then straight to Söderbiljarden.

First up, drinks...

Söderbiljarden Drinks

Then directly into the dungeon.

Söderbiljarden 1


A few days earlier we got invited to swing by Flippergubben in the afternoon. so after a couple of hours at Söderbiljarden we met up with Ash and Lina and went to Purre's lovely hideout. When we arrived Blomman was already there, chatting up Purre.

A few of the games at Flippergubben

Limpan filmed the games.












When Purre kicked us out in the cold, we headed for Biljardpalatset, where we got to play even more pinball and also some video games.


At this point in time I was feeling quite tired, and I also had a cold, so I thought it was time to head home. But the other guys insisted on one last stop, RoQ.

MM Gameplay

And it was worth it, I got the high score on Medieval Madness.

MM Highscore

We had some more food, and then went home in the cold and dark winter night. A very good day indeed. Big thanks to everyone involved!

*Most of the pictures in this article were taken by Limpan or P373R and are used without permission.